"Apilife" educational-methodological beekeeping centre in Lori-Berd community (Lori Marz, Armenia)

On november 16, 2017 was the official launch event of the "Establishment "APILIFE" methodological educational beekeeping centers" project which was held in Lori-Berd community of Lori Marz. Members of "STRONG CSOs" team also participated in the event.

During the theoretical and practical hours of beekeeping trainings of the "Establishment of "Apilife" educational-methodological beekeeping centres" project in Lori-Berd community (Lori Marz), the participants prepare for spring works of 2018, prepare new hives with new frames, prophylactic treatment is being done. The participants acquire skills in working with tools, medicines, circles, and get a lot of useful information about bee-keeping. The expert-beekeepers help them.

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