Participated of the program lessons for “Non-Formal Education for Demobilized” for March-June period of 2017 Nareg Tigranyan, Rafael Hovhannisyan, Edgar Mkrtchyan and Artyom Muradyan received special computer skills and are now able to work with vector and point graphics.

6 participants of the three-month training courses on radioelectronic equipment acquired their skills and abilities to use all types of measuring and controlling equipment,  master welding and radio detecting and separation skills,  distinguish semiconductor devices,  independently draw and  supply power sources, simple radio electronic junctions and radio detals by conventional marks, discovered and eliminated various household equipment malfunctions that were reflected  in their practical work.

The course participants have acquired basic knowledge about the profession they prefered, imagine the use of radio-relays, and maintain safety rules in all working situations. At the end of the lesson, the students showed good professional abilities, presented individual workshops, and Levon Hakobyan, Artyom Muradyan, Ashot Grigoryan and Hamlet Alikhanyan performed rather complicated work.

It should be reminded that the guys have passed quarterly computer courses at Gyumri State state industrial college N4 and the lessons were organized by the Soldier’s Mother NGO funded by Fund For Armenian Relief.