Non-Formal Education for Demobilized

"Non-Formal Education for Demobilized" program is a great opportunity during which 90 demobilized boys acquired knowledge, skills and short-term training for accountant, business manager, chef, welding technician, woodworking technician, jewellery worker and labourer for mining industry. In 2017, this process has been implemented in one stage at Yerevan "Krtaran Sona" Educational  Center, two stages on tree state colleges: in Vanadzor, industrial college after K. Gharesheshishian, Alaverdi industrial college and in Gyumri state industrial college N4.

In 2017 90 young people were selected to participate in the program, including those who took part in the military operations of 2016. 89 boys successfully completed courses in Yerevan, Gyumri, Vanadzor and Alaverdi.

Of the 89 boys, 63 70.7% found work or organized their own business, 12% - 13.4%, still not working, 13 people - 14.6%, continue to use the acquired knowledge and skills, and one person, 1.1 % - went to Russia for work abroad.

The guys who finished the classes took part in the practical classes. Of the 63 boys who passed the first stage of the study, 7 received 2 profession certificates, 20 young people were enrolled in the second phase, and 60 percent of the total number received jobs or were invited to work in their respective professions. For 5 students studying in the profession of Accountant or Business Management, the course has been delivered as an orientation and practical supplement to continuing further training.

in Yerevan

in Gyumri

in Vanadzor

in Alaverdi